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Changelog 1.14.1#

[Improvement][Objects] Tenant ID in URL and links to objects
[Improvement][Validation] Enable image pasting into description fields
[Improvement][Validation] Improve data sanitazion
[Improvement][Systemtools] Show time difference between SQL and PHP in system overview
[Bug][System settings] Expertsetting LDAP-Sync: Contact assignment / assigned objects are archived when the contact is archived
[Bug][System settings] The location path is poorly cropped
[Bug][Admincenter] A command that generates a new hash and migrates all data with it
[Bug][Custom categories] Handling cannot be configured for the Link field type
[Bug][Custom categories] Changing title of custom categories changes names of constants
[Bug][Report-Manager] SQL error message when retrieving assigned SIM card via Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Selecting the operating system for output in a report may cause several empty rpws in the report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Datefields do bnt affect conditions
[Bug][Report-Manager] Assigned interface of category port empty
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: A report with categories from the VIVA2 Add-On generates an error message
[Bug][Report-Manager] Information about assigned host address from a port selectable in query builder
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report with one field from the category Logbook throws SQL error
[Bug][Report-Manager] Variable reports do not display the number of "matches"
[Bug][Report-Manager] The title Operating System is not translated to English in reports
[Bug][Import] Objects cannot be assigned to a net because the netmask is not updated during import
[Bug][Import] CSV Import does not change object type
[Bug][Import] Protect dialog box with hidden conversion factor from changes by import
[Bug][Import] CSV-Import does not access the attribute "Disable Login" correctly, value is not updated
[Bug][Object type configuration] Power distribution unit cannot be placed in racks with the standard object configuration
[Bug][Categories] The Property "linked mobile phones" not available (Report/Documents)
[Bug][Categories] Assigned SIM cards generate SQL errors in the Document-Addon
[Bug][Categories] Attribute "End of contract" of the category "Contract information" is not recalculated after change of the term
[Bug][Categories] SIM cards cannot be linked to mobile phones via the SIM card object
[Bug][Categories] In the File category, entries cannot be edited and saved if they are edited via mark>Edit.
[Bug][Categories] Wrong sorting of version number in category "Software" > "Installation"
[Bug][Categories] Multi-Value field "Runs on" in category assigned cluster could only be filled after reloading the page
[Bug][Categories] Archived objects assigned to contracts are displayed in the list view
[Bug][Categories] If the default filter is set to "Active in Service Catalog" nothing is displayed in the dropdown list
[Bug][Categories] The unit of measurement is set incorrectly when duplicating cables
[Bug][Categories] Cards can not displayed on the Overview Page of SIM-Cards
[Bug][Categories] Command for cleaning up HTML tags
[Bug][Categories] Tags in the category "General" are doubled and displayed incorrectly (while editing)
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Remove "print" button in the CMDB-Explorer
[Bug][List editing] List edit does not provide changes when triggering event
[Bug][List editing] Dropdown of category "Persons / master data" in List-Edit page not available
[Bug][List editing] Network / Logical Ports / Multiedit: IP address is deleted
[Bug][Code (internal)] Assignment of objects in the category group assignment cannot be solved via object browser
[Bug][Code (internal)] Sorting by SLA service level in list view throws SQL error
[Bug][Code (internal)] Locations are not properly authorized
[Bug][Code (internal)] Cusor to change the column width within the filter layer
[Bug][Code (internal)] No objects can be created via the object browser if the authorization system is inactive
[Bug][Code (internal)] Reports in the fields which use the expression alter in the field name are blocked
[Bug][Code (internal)] Use domain part for single sign on login
[Bug][Code (internal)] No rooms can be specified statically in the ldap.ini
[Bug][Code (internal)] Quickpurge button can be used without object selection
[Bug][CMDB] Error when duplicating person groups
[Bug][Search] The search in all fields does not find Dialog+ values
[Bug][Search] The status is removed when switching from standard search to Deep Search.
[Bug][Search] Attribute "purpose" is not found via search
[Bug][Search] Searching of objects (Status: normal/archived/deleted) shows only the status ID
[Bug][Search] Textbox "Description" Category Network Connections -> Listener -> Listener Object is not indexed
[Bug][Search] SQL error when searching for special characters
[Bug][Notifications] SQL query error on "Expiry of maintenance/warranty period" notification
[Bug][Logbook] The logbook does not store assignments of group memberships
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC does not import connected devices
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC does not import certain software
[Bug][JDisc] JDISC: JDisc group is ignored and import is then not possible
[Bug][Lists] Assigned licenses are not displayed in the software assignment list view
[Bug][Lists] List view: column width of last column not adjustable
[Bug][Lists] When changes are made to any column width, the column width of the last column becomes wider
[Bug][Lists] Fields from category "Memory" cannot be shown in list view of multivalue category
[Bug][API] API validation does not validate correctly (file upload)
[Bug][CMDB settings] Dialog constant cannot be edited
[Bug][CMDB settings] Profile download in Quick Configuration Wizard incorrect
[Bug][Systemtools] When duplicating, the location correction is always carried out
[Bug][Console] php Console Command does not read the .ini correctly
[Bug][Print view] Print Preview does not display Custom Categories
[Bug][Print view] Print view sorts categories independently alphabetically
[Bug][Relations] Rankin issue with relations between groups and members