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Changelog 1.15#

[Improvement][JDisc] JDisc import of data from the Cloud category
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC: Advanced “Naming Rules” for imported devices
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC: Import only new devices
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC: Filter Loopback Addresses
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC: Reg expressions for Software Whitelisting
[Improvement][Custom categories] Custom Category Field Type Time
[Improvement][Custom categories] Field type "Date and time" in custom categories
[Improvement][CMDB settings] Complete sorting of categories on the overview page
[Improvement][Categories] Display telephone/fax in the overview page of the Telephone object.
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP group synchronization function does not synchronize all groups
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP-Sync: Missing loogbook entries for contacts
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV-Import: Possibility to import data into categories from addons
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import of SIM cards throws general error
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import of multiple objects in the category > Instance / Oracle database field > Database schema
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import display incorrect if value to be imported is too long
[Bug][CSV Import] Layer-2 net assignment for logical ports is not available in csv import
[Bug][Lists] Searching for IP addresses in the list view [Port > Host Address]
[Bug][Lists] Yes/No selections are set as normal text fields in filters for object lists
[Bug][Lists] Large bulks of data block the browser
[Bug][Lists] Standard filter "filters in all fields" in the object list configuration cannot be set as default for other uses
[Bug][Lists] Possibility of CSV injection during exporting objects/category lists to csv
[Bug][System settings] Encrypted tenant password in system database
[Bug][System settings] Information in auth_log incomplete
[Bug][Object type configuration] Preselection of object types in the object browser
[Bug][Object type configuration] After deleting object type groups, orphaned object types remain undetectable
[Bug][CMDB] Dialog+: New entries are not available in selectbox and selection will not be preselected
[Bug][CMDB] Sorting of the tickets in category "All tickets"
[Bug][Custom categories] Checkbox: Hook will not be saved after removing
[Bug][Custom categories] Checkbox: Values cannot be removed or deleted
[Bug][Custom categories] Usable custom multi value categories on overview page
[Bug][Custom categories] API examples in custom categories outdated
[Bug][Code (internal)] SQL error when creating ports over the API
[Bug][Code (internal)] General and custom categories have the same alias in columns
[Bug][Code (internal)] Incorrect sorting of object lists by date:time
[Bug][Code (internal)] Possible cross-site scripting over GET parameters
[Bug][Code (internal)] Object browser: Removing an assigned object results in an error message
[Bug][Templates] Automatic inventory number sometimes generates wrong counting when using templates
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager attribute Installed on (application) receives no data
[Bug][List editing] Objects are not displayed in the view in the category "Rack
[Bug][List editing] Editing of several objects of the type persons, cateogry person membership creates SQL error
[Bug][List editing] The sequence for creating placeholders in the list editing is not observed
[Bug][List editing] Layer-2 net assignment for logical ports is not available in list edit
[Bug][Search] Renewing the search index: Query error -> Duplicate entry lets log/system grow extremely
[Bug][Categories] Connected cables can be saved, when no connection exists
[Bug][Categories] Can not delete host address > alias
[Bug][Categories] In the list view Network -> Port attributes are missing
[Bug][Categories] In the list view Network -> logical Ports attributes are missing
[Bug][User settings] To edit the category list for Network > Port the button is missing
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] The CMDB explorer does not filter multiple identical relationships
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] Complete export as PNG/SVG of the CMDB-Explorer in IE 11 and MS Edge faulty
[Bug][JDisc] Double Data Sources when an object is in multiple JDisc groups
[Bug][Relations] Archived relationships are displayed in the list view (contracts)
[Bug][Authorization system] Information when trying to delete a report without rights is unclear
[Bug][Objects] Creation of several CPUs in the overview page faulty
[Bug][CMDB settings] Accounting:Procurement type missing in Dialog-Admin