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Changelog 1.16#

[Task][Code (internal)] Remove Intro JS
[Improvement][Print view] Print feature for rack views and racks in rooms
[Improvement][JDisc] JDisc import of information about warrenty runtimes
[Improvement][JDisc] Importing Support Entitlements from JDisc
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC "Connected to"
[Improvement][Categories] list: "Person groups -> Members" Extend with the attribute "Role"
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP searches recursively without having activated recursive search
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP mapping based on objectSid generates LDAP mapping error message in ldap log
[Bug][LDAP] LDAP groups are not deleted or changed by ldap-sync
[Bug][Relations] No relationship is created between cellular phones and SIM cards
[Bug][CSV Import] Umlauts within a CSV file are incorrectly formatted during import
[Bug][CSV Import] Attribute "Associated input/output" is not available for CSV import
[Bug][Report-Manager] Dynamic properties created cached results in reports
[Bug][Report-Manager] Reports take a long time through JOINS of contact assignment
[Bug][CMDB settings] Changes to the category extension are not saved
[Bug][OCS] OCS Import generates error message
[Bug][Categories] URL links are not displayed correctly in description fields
[Bug][Categories] CSV Import cannot use the default template if a custom category is assigned to the object type
[Bug][Categories] Positioning of a server within a rack slot is not documented
[Bug][Categories] Add/Remove button missing in the Emergency Plan category > assigned objects
[Bug][JDisc] Wrong handling of IPv6 addresses during JDisc import
[Bug][Documents] Attributes of SIM cards assigned to mobile phones cannot be displayed
[Bug][Search] Wrong presentation of special characters when using highlighting of search
[Bug][Code (internal)] After installing add-ons in the Admin Center an error message appears
[Bug][Code (internal)] After creating and saving a file object, it cannot be opened
[Bug][Code (internal)] Filter in all fields can no longer be deleted
[Bug][XML] XML Import SQL error message during import of category Cabling > Connection