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Changelog 1.17.1#

[Improvements][Categories] Always show horizontal scroll bar in the "Cabinets" category
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc: Import aborts with an error message when importing clusters
[Bug][JDisc] Category "JDisc custom attributes" not available on overview page
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc: If a JDisc profile is saved before it is completely loaded, these unloaded settings will be lost.
[Bug][List editing] List editing: host address>net zone cannot be assigned
[Bug][List editing] If an attribute of the category Drive is edited via list editing, the field "On device" is cleared.
[Bug][List editing] Assigning a port in category host address not possible via list edit
[Bug][List editing] In the list editing of the category entries of Local Mass Storage > Device, the Controller and Hardware RAID Group field cannot be set for all entries
[Bug][Lists] Error when using attributes from category "software assignment" in list view
[Bug][Lists] Attributes Target schema and Used databases for list view of Application -> Installations and Software assignment is missing
[Bug][Lists] Surname cannot be used for default sorting of person objects
[Bug][Lists] Organization > Master data: Website attribute is not a link object in the object list
[Bug][Lists] Filtering for description in object lists does not work with special characters
[Bug][Lists] Filtering on attributes of category DialogYesNoProperty generates SQL error and list view does not work anymore
[Bug][Lists] Attribute "Cabling>Assigned to connector" does not show all connections in the object list
[Bug][Lists] Workplace devices (object) assigned to Workplace is not displayed in the list view of Workplaces
[Bug][Categories] Attributes changed on the overview page are not saved (excl. General category)
[Bug][Categories] In the category License Assignment > License Keys of License Objects no objects are displayed
[Bug][Categories] The description is not saved in the source with despite positive message
[Bug][Categories] Deliver VRRP cluster with the category host address
[Bug][Categories] Missing focus in object browser
[Bug][Categories] Object ID of an organization assigned as a contact is displayed in the 'Assigned organization' field
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Add a time variable for the command AnonymizePersonLastChange to Console.php
[Bug][Logbook] No logbook entries by creating an object via the Object browser
[Bug][Logbook] Uploading or deleting images in the "Images" category is not recorded in the logbook
[Bug][Code (internal)] The buttons Check and Show can no longer be clicked in reports when using Chrome
[Bug][Code (internal)] Object browser: When creating an object the same object type is not automatically preselected
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import: Import of operating system versions (and patchlevel) via the operating system category
[Bug][CSV Import] Importing a CMDB status also clears the value, even if empty values should be ignored
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV-Import: Attribute Net > Standardgateway is missing
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import: attribute Host address > Default gateway for the network is missing
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import creates wrong connections when objects have identical port names
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import: Dialog entries are created as unfinished
[Bug][Report-Manager] False results in the list of report results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Query for relationships always checks only the master object
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report setting "Show objects with empty assignments?" creates incorrect output
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: If in the condition an attribute with Like %...% is filtered which has a "\" in the name, no result is displayed.
[Bug][Report-Manager] URL from the Access category is assembled incorrectly in the report
[Bug][Custom categories] If fields are moved when editing user-defined categories, they are displayed incorrectly
[Bug][Custom categories] Special chars in custom category names can break the navigation
[Bug][Custom categories] Javascript fields in custom categories is sanitized and becomes unusable
[Bug][API] Reports displayed via the API do not show consistent date formats
[Bug][Events] Disconnecting from a signal does not work
[Bug][System settings] The setting "Display style for object browser objects" > "As list" leads to incorrect highlighting
[Bug][CMDB] Calculation of free IP addresses for super networks calculates incorrectly
[Bug][Validation] Validation for integer input is limited by PHP 32bit versions
[Bug][LDAP] Special characters in LDAP filters are not handled without errors
[Bug][Import] CSV import via Console empties user-defined categories
[Bug][Import] Servers or clients imported via Active Directory computers have assigned themselves as operating system