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Changelog 1.18.1#

[Improvement][Code (internal)] Allow Add-on Bundling
[Bug][Code (internal)] Existing connections from the category Cabling cannot be reconnected if the entry is selected and edited via the checkbox.
[Bug][Code (internal)] The HTML purifier is not turned off by the Sanitize input data setting
[Bug][Code (internal)] Links are destroyed in the Report Manager
[Bug][Code (internal)] Install i-doit 1.18 via
[Bug][Code (internal)] Fix security issues in Admin-Center
[Bug][Code (internal)] Fix security issues in Admin-Center
[Bug][Code (internal)] German LC constant was forgotten
[Bug][Code (internal)] Rackview - vertical slots move horizontal slots
[Bug][Code (internal)] The buttons Check and Show can no longer be clicked in reports when using Chrome
[Bug][LDAP] Matching does not work if the field title is not present in the user
[Bug][LDAP] Due to the ldap-sync group memberships are not deleted when the person is archived
[Bug][LDAP] Archived contact assignment is restored by LDAP sync
[Bug][LDAP] Tenant change of ldpa users forces relogging
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import should remember if a category has already been emptied for overwrite mode
[Bug][CSV Import] Empty values in csv import are not transfered when multivalue-category is set on "Row"
[Bug][CSV Import] Single row CSV-Imports clears the multi-value categories
[Bug][Categories] In the Services - Service Type category, the dialog field is referenced incorrectly
[Bug][Categories] Automatic inventory number has no effect, if a default template is used
[Bug][Categories] Search in object browser also finds objects from object types that are normally not available for assignment
[Bug][Categories] Show sub-categories of the specific categories in the overview page
[Bug][Categories] Focus in object browser not always on filter field
[Bug][Categories] Add "Cores" attribute to the CPU category list
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom categories can not be saved
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom categories are not saved
[Bug][Custom categories] The default value of Yes/No fields is also displayed in the view mode.
[Bug][Authorization system] Location and all physically assigned objects below is summarized
[Bug][CMDB] Location view does not open automatically for logical location objects
[Bug][CMDB] Remove archive and delete button for relationships
[Bug][CMDB] HTTP 500 Error when saving changes
[Bug][CMDB] Values in Dialog+ Multi-Value fields are not saved
[Bug][CMDB] Switch chassis names are not displayed in the rack view when slots are created
[Bug][CMDB] Search for "." + "String" finds all objects
[Bug][Import] CSV Import: Contact assignments are created for archived persons in the normal state
[Bug][Mass editing] Mass change - license assignment/application is not set in software assignment
[Bug][Mass editing] Mass change - Multi-Value categories with add/remove are duplicated
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Import creates empty logbook entries
[Bug][JDisc] The search index is not re-indexed after the JDisc import
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc custom attributes Running config, Show Version and Startup config create multiple entries
[Bug][List editing] List edit - Incorrect display when using tab
[Bug][List editing] Listedit: Dialogfields are not always reloaded when there is a dependency to an objectbrowser
[Bug][Report-Manager] Missing lines when exporting a report in CSV format
[Bug][Report-Manager] Regex in report manager causes errors and ceates wrong sql query
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Objekt types with the same name are only shown once
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Wrong SQL query for attribute contact and operating system
[Bug][Report-Manager] "Patch level" not available for selection in report manager
[Bug][Lists] Error message is displayed in the object list if the "Role (Person group memberships)" attribute is added
[Bug][Lists] In the column Operating system > Version is not displayed with patch level in the list view of objects
[Bug][Lists] At Contracts the object ID is displayed behind objects in the list view in the Assigned objects column
[Bug][Lists] False display in "configure listview" for multi value categories
[Bug][Object type configuration] Automatic inventory number (counter) does not work correctly
[Bug][OCS] OCS-Import creates invalid layer-3-net
[Bug][QR-Codes] QR-Code Layout 3 does not work
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications of license expirations are not shown correctly, when template is changed
[Bug][CMDB settings] Object browser files > Assigned objects not available
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Licensed add-ons are displayed as unlicensed via the Console.php command addon-list
[Bug][Update] Ports cannot be created due to duplicate foreign key