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Changelog 1.18.2#

[Task][Code (internal)] Change all database tables to "Row Format: Dynamic" in fresh installations
[Improvement][CSV Import] The object browser of a custom category should be able to use a special assignment via the model > serial number
[Improvement][Logbook] Anonymize logbook entries
[Improvement][Authorization system] Right assignment based on contact assignment
[Bug][Categories] The alarm level cannot be selected in logbook entries
[Bug][Categories] The attribute "Last revision" of the documents category should be displayed in the object list
[Bug][Categories] IPv6 address is shown as available although it is already in use
[Bug][Categories] Default gateway for the net cannot be set in the host address category
[Bug][Categories] MAC-addresses using seven bytes do not apply to the validation in i-doit and cannot be saved
[Bug][Categories] Stack members not displayed in list view configuration
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Discovery: Identification of the device by FQDN does not work
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Import - Rename Interfaces
[Bug][JDisc] Debugging for JDisc Import logs does not work (-vvv)
[Bug][JDisc] Matching of Switch Stacks from JDisc in i-doit
[Bug][API] Can't assign a Person via API request
[Bug][API] Create custom dialog+ entries with relation
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications based on roles do not send E-Mails to persons, if a group is assigned with the role
[Bug][Notifications] Additional placeholders for the e-mail templates of the notifications
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications - Expiration of a certificate period does not work
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Query for relationships always checks only the master object
[Bug][Report-Manager] Older reports that contain an object id or placeholder do not show conditions
[Bug][Report-Manager] Operators are missing in a report that is supposed to display free memory (drive)
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Attribute Of/To causes sql error
[Bug][CMDB settings] Object browser configuration for "Layer-2 Net assignment" from category "Port" is missing
[Bug][H-Inventory] H-Inventory-Import: Software Assignment relationships are not removed correctly
[Bug][Code (internal)] SyncMerger does not work if properties were touched by "mod.cmdb.extendProperties"
[Bug][Code (internal)] Relation type property is missing in Reports
[Bug][Code (internal)] Login with admin user overwrites credentials of other user
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom category horizontal Line requires title
[Bug][Custom categories] Info icon for horizontale line is not displayed correctly
[Bug][CMDB] Software assigment - Field "Installed at" adds time when deleting
[Bug][CMDB] Dynamic reports not possible for varaiable reports with placeholder
[Bug][CMDB] Nested multiselect dialog data will not be displayed correctly in view mode
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Installing add-ons via Console.php prompts for the parameters despite specifying the parameters
[Bug][Console-base Installation/Update/Licensing] Create tenant via console.php i-doit OPEN
[Bug][OCS] OCS Import: Duplicate entries in the Memory category
[Bug][Search] After a search for content containing "CALL" while the highlighting of the search is active, category content is not shown
[Bug][Logbook] Deleted/Archived users via ldap are not shown in the logbook
[Bug][Print view] Custom categories - yes/no field is displayed uncorrectly in print view
[Bug][List editing] List editing for host address > Search domain does not save when values are only deleted (Entry sanitized)
[Bug][List editing] List edit - Filter for contact assignment>primary does not work
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] In the GraphML export of the CMDB Explorer data to objects are missing
[Bug][Authorization system] Display of inherited rights shows wrong parameter selection