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Changelog 1.8.3#

[Improvement] Object lists: Improve performance of the operating system attribute from the category Operating System
[Improvement] The relation direction will now bedisplayed better in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement] Highlight all references of the currently active object in the CMDB-Explorer
[Improvement] Button "Set substring matching in object lists as default" under tools / database in administration
[Improvement] JDISC import option "update object types"
[Improvement] Connected cables can be saved, when no connection exists
[Bug] Radio buttons are displayed correctly in newer browsers
[Bug] Unable to select contract's start and end dates as conditions
[Bug] Loading profile in Quick Configuration Wizard throws error
[Bug] The columns of an object list have not been updated after they have been edited via the object list configuration
[Bug] No entry in category "current file" after import/API call
[Bug] DB Error Message after Click on "Check_MK:Tags" under Dialog-Admin
[Bug] Numbers in input fields will be displayed again
[Bug] Geo-information can not be imported via csv import
[Bug] The logical ports are getting displayed again in the "assigned port" attribute
[Bug] Persons that have been created via the contact assignment can not be found in the global search
[Bug] Design broken by Wiki link
[Bug] The port category will issue an error message if the i-doit MySQL user has no execution privileges to perform procedures
[Bug] Comma behind the template name
[Bug] post_max_size is displayed twice in the system overview
[Bug] New entries in the category 'host address' are always being labelled as primary
[Bug] Model is no longer filled out when the content comes from JDisc
[Bug] LDAP: When logging in via LDAP user, the default LDAP group is always assigned to the user
[Bug] Monitoring instance can not be set to "-"
[Bug] Conditions for "Assembly" are not handled correctly
[Bug] Deleting cables leaves the relationship between the wired objects
[Bug] Session timeout value of <= 0 or >= 99999[..] leads to inability to log in to i-doit
[Bug] Removing a slot assignment does not delete the physical location
[Bug] Attribut selection for category "operating system" empty in report manager
[Bug] Swiching from search result to CMDB Explorer opens search mask
[Bug] Report Manager: Comma and point are swapped in currency fields
[Bug] Report Manager: Layer-3 network details are not displayed when a custom category is polled
[Bug] File versions: If the latest version is deleted, the previous version is not offered
[Bug] Incorrect translation in custom categories
[Bug] Wiring system does not appear in object browers
[Bug] Wrong presentation of dates in category "contract assignment"
[Bug] The create right on "Objects of type" (all) will no longer display additional objects in the object list
[Bug] Searchstring is being manipulated while searching
[Bug] API-logs are written, even when disabled in the settings
[Bug] Remove "Root" from the location path inside object lists
[Bug] Maintenance module: Multiple salutations when choosing multiple objects
[Bug] Raid capacity is always displayed in GB
[Bug] Impossible to logout when using SSO
[Bug] Field in LDAP configuration shown as empty in edit mode
[Bug] Login into AdminCenter without password possible with any account - except for admin
[Bug] PHP error while invoking the PDU category after a flawed SNMP call
[Bug] Contract dates are not being updated after a CSV import
[Bug] Geo Coordinates Are Cut to Integer Using Komma as Separator
[Bug] OCS: Port description is not imported
[Bug] Incorrect logbook content, if an object is placed into another hight unit within the rack [Bug] JDisc Import: In the "Update (New Inventory)" mode, newly scanned devices are not imported correctly when they are assigned to a JDisc group
[Bug] The link to a mobile phone can not be removed via the overview page
[Bug] Special characters are not stored in the password category "<>"
[Bug] CSV import: file extension .csv can not contain uppercase letters
[Bug] Notification "Changed Objects": Threshold does not affect the notification
[Bug] Category "DHCP" is missing in list edit
[Bug] Category "DHCP" is missing in CSV-import
[Bug] Notifications: Days behave differently than months
[Bug] JDisc Import: Controller call generates incomprehensible error message if no default server is defined
[Bug] Objects are unnecessarily blocked several times
[Bug] Legend in cabling view superimposed information
[Bug] Wrong presentation of icons in list browser
[Bug] Attributes selection incorrect in Check_MK Host tags
[Bug] The arrow for sorting does not sort
[Bug] CMDB-Explorer crashes when exploring a location with sub-objects without any rights to
[Bug] Clicking "Search" in the breadcrumb line displays a blank page
[Bug] Incorrect number of objects to display
[Bug] Changes to the attribute "Insertion" via CSV import in logbook not traceable
[Bug] Expert setting "auth.use-in-location-tree" deactivates root location in site browser for all users
[Bug] Tags are not found in global search
[Bug] Each login-authorized user is allowed to perform an update from i-doit
[Bug] Object relationship (Multiple objects) is not accepted for mass changes
[Bug] Positions in racks are selectable if if they are occupied
[Bug] Language constants are translated in editing mode for category extensions
[Bug] Error calculating raid capacity in list local storage -> device
[Bug] LIMIT in reports is ignored while exporting them
[Bug] Name of the validated field may be ambiguous in the error message
[Bug] Status of entries in dialog admin are displayed translated by mistake
[Bug] Needless scroll bar in list editing
[Bug] System error message when exporting without a location object
[Bug] Chart types in the "Chart" widget swapped to selection
[Bug] Memory unit display in widget "Calculator" for "RAID capacity" is not adjusted
[Bug] Internal "I-doit status" can be selected as a filter under "CMDB status"
[Bug] First workflow parameter is overwritten after creation of another parameter
[Bug] No status selection is possible under "Workflows->Workflows"
[Bug] Button "Cancel" is missing from "Create new e-mail template"
[Bug] Wrong Screens or Button after Click On "Cancel" And "Save" Editing A Notification or Email Template
[Bug] Report category is stil displayed in the treebrowser even though it was deleted
[Bug] Missing "Cancel" button in Report Manager's Query Editor