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Changelog 1.9.1#

[Improvement] Make Editing Of A New Entry In A DialogPlus Field Possible Directly After It Has Been Added
[Improvement] Improved loop check on cabling
[Improvement] Horizontal scrollbar in JDisc profiles immediately visible
[Improvement] Switch Stacking: Port overwiew of all member switches
[Improvement] Switch Stacking: logic ports spanning over multiple switches
[Improvement] Export of Host Aliases via Check_MK export
[Improvement] JDisc import does not refresh object title
[Improvement] Segmentation of RUs in Racks
[Improvement] Attribute "e-mail-address" of category "persons" not selectable in csv-import
[Improvement] Newly created entries are validated via the Dialog-Admin
[Improvement] Mass-change: Configuration for logging
[Improvement] List edit: Renamed option "All objects" in "All entries"
[Improvement] Global search: higher order display of object title and object in condition normal
[Improvement] Configuration for maximum number of attributes in object lists
[Improvement] Administration of tags in dialog-admin
[Improvement] Notify when creating a custom category, if there is a duplicated constant
[Improvement] New view: Open and unused cables
[Improvement] In category operating system only operating systems can be chosen
[Improvement] Remove button in logbook view
[Change] Removal of Single-Sign-On languages selection in configuration
[Change] Remove multiple selection in report views
[Bug] Profile In QCW Cannot be Uploaded If All Other Profiles Have Been Deleted Before
[Bug] Changing A Non-selfdefined Objecttype Group Is Possible With QCW
[Bug] Wrong presentation of object links in Safari
[Bug] Transfer of exported Check_MK configuration failed with error message
[Bug] Relation between input und output will be lost while duplicating
[Bug] Error when saving category accounting
[Bug] Some Catagories Are Displayed In Objekt Tree But Not In QCW
[Bug] Hidden Categories In QCW Are Also Not Displayed For Other Object Types
[Bug] Editing of service filters with id > 10 not possible
[Bug] object matching does not work with casesensitivity
[Bug] List edit - Category "Operating system": Assigned licenses cannot be changed
[Bug] Category "Service assignment": It is not possible to select self-defined object types with the category "Service"
[Bug] Attribute "on device" has multiple selections in csv import
[Bug] LC__UNIVERSAL__USED_BY is not translated
[Bug] Report Manager: View 'Objects in location (list format)' cannot be downloaded
[Bug] List edit - Category 'Accounting': Saving Date of invoice shows error 'Field value is invalid.'
[Bug] Language Constants Are Displayed In English Version Under System Settings
[Bug] Editing a connector without a connection always creates a new cable
[Bug] Language Constant Is Displayed in A Cable Object in Category Fiber/lead
[Bug] Category Relationship: Relationship direction changes when an entry is saved without changing the direction.
[Bug] Category "Location" / "Operating System" / "Accounting": Objects, which have been selected from a search show a wrong location
[Bug] Read-only for background in CMDB-explorer profiles does not work properly
[Bug] Category host address: If the assigned network is resolved, the global v4 network is not selected automatically
[Bug] Devices are not always displayed in the left menu tree in the Combined View
[Bug] Javascript errors prohibit large IP lists to be displayed
[Bug] Selection for the location views is not displayed after login.
[Bug] Edit Button Under LDAP Directories does not work
[Bug] Mixed Language under LDAP Directories
[Bug] The default filter of an object list is not applied as soon as the list is called.
[Bug] OCS Import: Category model is not updated on switch devices within a stack
[Bug] Import: Model and manufacturer from the category Model are not connected correctly
[Bug] Settings Of Categories To Display On Overview Page Are Deleted By Switching No-Yes
[Bug] Assigning rooms to ldap-users does not work
[Bug] Start and enddate of licenses are always empty in list view
[Bug] Report Manager: Condition with a unit causes an error message if it is defined as the first condition
[Bug] ZenDesk Testbug 0815
[Bug] View "CMDB status changes" does not list every change
[Bug] Overwriting mode of csv import causes mutiple cables to be created
[Bug] Referring a controller to a hard drive not possible via csv import
[Bug] Cable connection is not displayed when Cable length is not given
[Bug] Import of Yes/No Fields in custom categories via csv import not possible
[Bug] does not work
[Bug] In JDisc profiles you may select "i-doit status" as CMDB status
[Bug] Attribute "Fiber / wave length" ist falsch und sollte "Colour / Wavelength" heißen
[Bug] Connections of manually created cables are not displayed in list view
[Bug] Duplicating content of custom categories with dialog+ fields using language constants duplicates entries in dialog+
[Bug] Duplicating content of custom categories while using language constants also duplicates the category itself
[Bug] Report Manager: Specific category "Assigned objects" from object type "Organization" can not be selected
[Bug] ID-display is doubled in widget "Object information list" if ID is chosen as an attribute.
[Bug] Object type gets created while clicking cancel
[Bug] Value of calbe length is modified by x10 when opend in list edit
[Bug] host address is not imported as primary
[Bug] Lists: Numeric format makes no difference
[Bug] Licenses: Total costs have too many decimals
[Bug] Error message after login in category with currency field
[Bug] Search won't find any results when searching for WYSIWYG fields from multi value categories
[Bug] Unable to load notes widget because of its character length
[Bug] Incorrect Editing Of A Unknown Object Type Configuration
[Bug] Error Message Deleting A Non-Empty Object Type Is Incorrect
[Bug] Report manager copies object title into assigned object information
[Bug] Attribute "primary e-mail-address" in csv-import selectable
[Bug] HTML-Tags at e-mail address at category e-mail-addresses
[Bug] Multiple dialog entries have no status
[Bug] Category "port" does not show IP address in table
[Bug] Dialog+ attributes without proper names
[Bug] Dialog entries for "Contract: Contract Type" have "0" as constants
[Bug] Dialog Admin does not save entries for "Module TTS: Ticket Systems"
[Bug] Configuration of QR-codes for specific object types is not displayed correctly, when configuration is opened
[Bug] Icon for selection of linked attributes in "assigned workstation" is missing in report manager
[Bug] Wrong presentation of assigned license in software assignment, when trying to edit an existing entry
[Bug] An Error Message appears trying to Deinstall an Extension in AdminCenter
[Bug] Filter in list 'JDisc profiles' does not work
[Bug] View in multi value catory 'object group' defective
[Bug] Assigned objects in files can not be clicked
[Bug] Upload of a new file version removes category and commentary
[Bug] Can not embed specific category "Files > Assignes objects" in a list
[Bug] Search does not find content of description, if it contains special characters
[Bug] Wiring: Connection does show IEC power connector by default instead of "-"
[Bug] Connections are being duplicated rather than saved
[Bug] Wrong presentation of dates in category "contract assignment"
[Bug] Wrong inventory no. used in the QR-code printer, when using %COUNTER% for automatic generation of no.
[Bug] If the search is added as a bookmark, only text will appear under my-doit
[Bug] Deleted categories still shown in lists
[Bug] Created bookmarks in my-doit link to dashboard
[Bug] Category "listener" does not list connections
[Bug] Reports with date fields from user defined categories does not recognize country specific date format
[Bug] Calculation of raid capacity faulty while changing storage unit or capacity
[Bug] Objects will be created before saving, no cleanup is happening on cancel