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Changelog 1.9.2#

[Improvement] New field in category "contract" to document the calculation of costs
[Improvement] Optional update of object type of modules in JDisc import
[Improvement] Search: Option to change the behaviour of highlighting
[Improvement] Permanently activate the Add-on version check in the update procedure
[Improvement] Interaction between category Logical location and location for the object type Workplace
[Improvement] gets parameter -u for specifying the MySQL username
[Improvement] Numeric sorting of IP addresses
[Bug] Wrong presentation of chassis in racks within room overview
[Bug] Location does not load fields to define position in rack when assigning for the first time
[Bug] Form factor in rack visualization is always "undefined"
[Bug] Error when using a condition for attribute role when using only one attribute for output
[Bug] Property connection type not usable in object lists
[Bug] Content "To be filled by O.E.M." is not blacklisted for import and causes wrong matching
[Bug] Report Manager: Accounting - Investment costs not available in conditions
[Bug] Object IDs are sometimes displayed as dates in reports
[Bug] Listen: Dates of custom categories are always being displayed in English format
[Bug] Usage of attribute "role" in report manager as condition may sometimes cause objects to be displayed multiple times
[Bug] Some attributes from specific categories can not be added to list view
[Bug] Cannot open object in a new tab if the title includes a comma
[Bug] Fist hostaddress of an object is not set to primary
[Bug] Rackview does not have a definition of sorting of hight units
[Bug] Import of position in rack not possible via csv import
[Bug] Error when using cleanup functions at "cache / database"
[Bug] Report Manager: Attributes 'Message' and 'Description' from logbook category not available
[Bug] "Load IP-net" of category Hostaddress not working properly
[Bug] Duplicating an object with contact assignment deletes company of assigned object
[Bug] Information bar at the bottom edge shows date '01.01.1970 01:00 [..]'
[Bug] Using of attribute "event" of category "logbook" in report manager not possible
[Bug] Search: QuickView of relationship objects does not work
[Bug] CSV-Files using a name containing a + can not be downloaded from the system
[Bug] Error when trying to save category "port" via list edit
[Bug] Additional columns in report when using attributes of assigned objects for output
[Bug] Can't display 'Remainder warranty' in object lists
[Bug] Conten of "Instance / Oracle database" can not be saved under some circumstances
[Bug] Editing of connectors via list edit not possible
[Bug] Title of a report in PDF-Export is "i" when using special characters in the name of the report
[Bug] DropDown for selecting role in contact assignment cuts off longer role titles
[Bug] Subcategories can not be configured for auth system correctly
[Bug] i-doit uses wrong Unix socket
[Bug] XML import: Expert setting 'system.dir.import-uploads' without any impact
[Bug] Category Virtual Switches: Guest systems are not displayed among the port groups
[Bug] Lists: Displaying service assignments is not possible
[Bug] CSV import: Import and assignment of multiple attributes at the same time is not possible (Dialog + multiple selection)
[Bug] Some Language Constants Are DIsplayed Under JDisc Profiles
[Bug] Report Manager: Wrong constant when using descriptions from custom categories
[Bug] Length of cable is not imported via csv import
[Bug] Removing service component assignment via list edit not possible
[Bug] Right "Categories in Objecttype" does not allow to access/edit categories on overview
[Bug] Dashboard Calculator Counts Wrong For Network Bandwidth
[Bug] Multiple software assignment of additional software does not redirect to list view, if the current selection is saved
[Bug] Content in the description field in the logbook entry can not be evaluated via the Report Manager
[Bug] Log settings have no effect when logging is deactivated
[Bug] While inserting a whitespace at export draft, the main view disappears
[Bug] Hight units in report wrong
[Bug] Horizontal scrollbar is missing in category connectors
[Bug] Comparison operators not correctly saved while first insert in report definition
[Bug] List edit - Category 'Contracts' shows error when saving
[Bug] JDisc Import: Existing operating systems are not checked and are re-created every time they are imported