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Changelog 1.9.3#

[Improvement] Option to utf8 decode exported Check_MK files
[Improvement] New configuration for dealing with validation errors during duplication of objects
[Improvement] Improving the search index to increase performance
[Improvement] New System setting added "Activate Interaction between 'Logical location' and 'Location'?"
[Improvement] Improving category "certificate"
[Bug] Stacking: Stacks with only one member cannot be read
[Bug] Object list: The attribute "Runs on" from the category "Cluster service assignment" causes an error message
[Bug] Date fields can not be saved if no date format is defined in the user settings
[Bug] Incorrect sorting of servers in a rack
[Bug] Heading of data fields in a user-defined categories are not given correctly during an export
[Bug] Detaching the DNS server attribute in the net category causes MySQL syntax error in the Object Browser
[Bug] Layer-3 net, static IP-Address allocation incorrect if a reserved DHCP-area is configured
[Bug] Lists: Archived users shown in contact assignments
[Bug] Sorting model in object lists not possible
[Bug] OCS-Import: Import fails after first invalid object
[Bug] Error when importing an IP-address via csv while using a leading zero within any octet
[Bug] Authorization system: The category field for the authorizations category in object, object-type and in objects underneath a location was not enabled on edit
[Bug] Category "LDAP" is shown as inactive in the left menu tree despite existing data
[Bug] Automatic delete of physical location when assigning a logical location
[Bug] Category accounting: Replacing the Automatic Inventory Number for multiple object types does not work correctly when importing
[Bug] Category Cluster Memberships: If an assignment is removed, the corresponding relation object is not removed
[Bug] Admin Center: Umlauts are not displayed correctly, if a new tenant has been added
[Bug] Contents of logbook are found via search after performing a mass change
[Bug] Configured prefix for automatically created cables is being ignored
[Bug] CSV Import: Import of category contact assignment creates an empty entry if this is not set in the CSV file
[Bug] Validation: If validation exists for the category Master Data (Persons), it only affects the folder category persons
[Bug] LDAP-sync sets all found users to state "normal" for a short period during the synchronisation
[Bug] Error when giving rights for category "guest systems"
[Bug] Moving object type cable to another object type group causes cables to disappear from the cable browser selection
[Bug] Import of all ports via JDisc import, even with set port filter
[Bug] Error when using a port filter in JDisc profile
[Bug] Footer of Admin-Center differ before and after login
[Bug] Category "Password" is not encypted after duplicating an object
[Bug] Object should be shown as positionable in a rack
[Bug] All WYSIWYG-features are only available on overview page
[Bug] Custom categories: Field type 'file browser' does not work
[Bug] Report Manager: No results were shown for certain character arrangements within the attribute "Location path"
[Bug] Inconsistencies displaying entries and selections of search results
[Bug] Wrong count in object list for used numer of IPs
[Bug] Using content with [...]LC_[...] not possible
[Bug] Notifications: Licenses still shown in email, even with archived or deleted license key
[Bug] Logbook: List does not show alarms with high (3) priority
[Bug] CSV Import: Import via controller does not work if MultiValue option 'comma' is being used
[Bug] Deleting a shared Dialog+ in custom categories deletes all entries for other categories, using it
[Bug] Backslash in obect titles is often not shown correctly
[Bug] Object list: Error when sorting attribute "category"
[Bug] An error message is displayed on Extras > CMDB > Import
[Bug] Report manager creates broken requests for object relations
[Bug] Object browser opens an inactive tab under certain conditions
[Bug] Using existing cables for cabling-import not possible
[Bug] Error when downloading an online report onto multiple tenants
[Bug] Format of descriptions are not correctly saved, despite the use of the WYSIWYG editor
[Bug] List edit: category 'Port': Cable-ID can not be changed
[Bug] Empty selection of HU in a rack via location not possible
[Bug] Wrong mask for contact assignment after click on accept button
[Bug] Editing of host address not possible via list edit
[Bug] Validation: Multiple inventory numbers after duplicating objects
[Bug] Field type of assignment/relations to slect several objects in custom categories is not transfered correctly with the xml-export
[Bug] Icon to visualize success of ping is shown in object column
[Bug] Category DBMS-Assigned Clusters Does Not Contain Button And Attribute List
[Bug] The "Notes" widget loses format while editing
[Bug] Matching for system services does not work with JDisc import
[Bug] Logical location is not shown in object list, if an object of another objecttype than "person" is selected
[Bug] CSV import: Import of dates in custom categories is always being imported with time stamps
[Bug] Logbook configuration: Using the plus and minus buttons only change the upper value
[Bug] Logbook configuration: Removed duplicate attribute "Maximum amount of combined detailed changes (per category)"
[Bug] Highlighting of found keywords in description fields are not visible
[Bug] Custom language constants are not being used
[Bug] Show purchase date without time in lists
[Bug] Event log does not show the used command but the currently configured command
[Bug] Remaining resources in cluster vitality are not calculated correctly
[Bug] Dialog Admin: Removed "deletable" column for custom dialog+ fields
[Bug] Category relationships: When creating an explicit relationship, the direction between master and slave object is not taken into account