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Changelog 1.9.4#

[Improvement] New TTS interface to Zammad
[Improvement] Deleting objects via Mass change
[Improvement] The Check_MK transfer script does now notify changes in Check_MK 1.4
[Improvement] View for "Layer-3 Network" labels in list views
[Bug] Changing password of admin centre within the admin centre causes passwords to appear blank within the category "passwords"
[Bug] Category 'Group memberships': Usage of object type filter instead of category filter in search bar
[Bug] returns no results
[Bug] OCS Import: An incorrect network address was calculated for certain host addresses
[Bug] List edit: Validation in Category 'Host Address' misses, even if the FQDN is globally unique
[Bug] Executing a report throws an error message when the attributes "Connection type" and "Connected to" from the category "Connectors" are being used.
[Bug] Wrong validation requests number in list edit
[Bug] Button "New right" in category "authorization" below "contact group" does not work
[Bug] Wrong standard filter selected in object lists
[Bug] Patchlevel not being displayed in category 'Software Assignment'
[Bug] Versions: Patchlevel not shown in 'Installations'
[Bug] Performance problems in list editing
[Bug] Category "monitoring" available in reports
[Bug] JDISC: Cluster services are not imported correctly
[Bug] CheckMK: Hosttags UTF8/ASCII error massage in CheckMK-Instance
[Bug] Sorting by number of objects in list view of the object types incorrect
[Bug] General settings are not displayed correctly
[Bug] Multiple object browser in categories result in overwritten values
[Bug] Display of a hyphen in the object list in case of multiple selection Dialog + fields
[Bug] CMDB-Explorer person group memberships are not updated
[Bug] Entries in the Dialog-Admin can not be saved if the title stays the same
[Bug] Can not delete host address alias
[Bug] JDISC Import IP-address is not updated
[Bug] Can not be used for report output with the letters "B", "N", "P" and "S"
[Bug] Object Browser: The "All" selection button is missing
[Bug] Sort of available slots in a chassis faulty
[Bug] Custom categories can not be sorted with dialog + field types in the list view of the object types
[Bug] Object list jumps to other object types if more than 50 objects are to be displayed
[Bug] Wrong Displayed Mouseover Text For Löschen Button In Layer 3-Net IP List
[Bug] In workflows, instead of a url, the IP address of the I-Doit installation is registered
[Bug] Sorting by CMDB status in object lists only possible if it is last
[Bug] In custom categories logs are always written from the authorization system.
[Bug] Login prompt shows PHP error about LDAP
[Bug] Unable to switch from static to dynamic object group
[Bug] Unable to change modell manufacturer in Dialog-Admin
[Bug] CSV Import: Not possible to assign devices via specific category 'Chassis'
[Bug] Can not send notifications to contacts with assigned role
[Bug] Service Logbook: Option 'Group by' delivers wrong results
[Bug] CSV-Import: Objects with the same object titles in different object types are not assigned correctly
[Bug] Archived spatially assigned objects are displayed in the list view
[Bug] Chassis in a rack faulty display in the room view
[Bug] Connecting connectors not possible via 'Connect this single connector'
[Bug] Cabling browser not accessable when using rights for "categories in object type"
[Bug] CSV Import attributes missing
[Bug] Cabling via connector overview does not work
[Bug] Specific rights will be overwritten, when you change the condition
[Bug] No Rights To "Authorization system reset" After Installation By
[Bug] Category 'Ports': Titles which exceeds the maximum title length are being cut
[Bug] Entries In Dialogue Admin With Special Characters Cannot Be Edited
[Bug] Sync of LDAP data archives user "admin"
[Bug] Objects Are Displayed As Locked Mutiple, But Without Real Lock
[Bug] Empty objekct title for person objects from csv-import under some circumstances
[Bug] MIssing Right Single Wiring Generates An Error Message Loop
[Bug] Wrong URL After Logout From Floorplan
[Bug] Horizontal Scrollbar missing in category invoice
[Bug] Suggestion search in QCW does not show folder categories (network)
[Bug] Delay Under Quickinfo Does Not Work
[Bug] Attribute "Contact Assignment" only displays the ID of the contact
[Bug] Defined upload directory is not used
[Bug] Links refer to the objects and not the link itself
[Bug] Relations in the categorie "validation" are allocated wrong
[Bug] CSV import: DBMS not available
[Bug] [open] No quickinfo on mouse over
[Bug] Lost of Menue in AdminCenter Because of Question mark in AdminCenter Link
[Bug] Dialog-Admin: Custom attributes are not displayed in object list
[Bug] Settings key "maxlengths" with typo and not clear
[Bug] JDISC-option "create" does not the already used custom identifier to "obsolete"
[Bug] It is not possible to import of multiple IP-addresses via CSV import