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Changelog 23#

[Task][Categories] Change database field type for description fields from TEXT to LONGTEXT
[Task][Code (Internal)] Rename "Possible next termination date" to "Last possible termination date"
[Improvement][CMDB] Allow SVG as object image and icon
[Improvement][CMDB] Create placeholder for the 24h format
[Improvement][Code (Internal)] Translation of custom content
[Improvement][Relations] Option to set spacing for menu trees
[Improvement][CSV Import] Make proper use of profiles in CSV import command
[Improvement][Categories] Automatically extend contract runtime
[Bug][Lists] Filter for Net Zone is not available in the list view
[Bug][Lists] Wiring system missing in servers list view configuration
[Bug][Lists] Assigned objects is missing in list view configuration
[Bug][Lists] Text in list overview is cut off for multi-value fields
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import always sets the DNS server and this is logged in the logbook
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Discovery does not work with HTTP/HTTPS
[Bug][JDisc] DBMS and Instance Name are not deleted correctly
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import error when "Use simple database modelling?" is activated
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc import via console removes categories and other configurations
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Profile is not saved with default JDisc Server after creating a JDisc Server entry
[Bug][List editing] Port allocation is deleted when saving in list edit
[Bug][List editing] Creating a new value for model in list edit causes error
[Bug][List editing] Default VLAN in list edit not selectable
[Bug][List editing] Contact assignment does not work for empty values in list edit
[Bug][List editing] List edit - Headquarters are not displayed for Organizations
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Deny access to .ini files
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Fixing content
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Filter a numeric ID in the object list fails - PHP 8.1
[Bug][Code (Internal)] After typing 3 characters the focus of the object browser search is changed to the filter
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Allow opening link in new Tab for HTML Field
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Wrong icon for export in quick configuration wizard
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Attachments in racks are not working correctly
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Switching to location view with a huge amount of objects and locations freezes i-doit
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Saving Trouble Ticket System (TTS) configuration does not display a save message
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Uploading custom object images and icons is not possible
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Fix IP calculation for PHP 8+
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Saving the 'General' category will always show empty 'creation date' and 'last change' change in logbook
[Bug][Code (Internal)] PHP 8.1 error when add-on is disabled
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Objects with empty location category are displayed in location tree
[Bug][Object type configuration] Specific object type categories are missing in selection
[Bug][Object type configuration] Icons for objects are not uploaded
[Bug][Object type configuration] Can't upload .svg for object type icon
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager using wrong date format which displays wrong results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Conditions might not be loaded correctly in the report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] A Net zone is not selectable for the Report Manager in a updated i-doit installation
[Bug][Report-Manager] Runtime of a contract is not shown in report results
[Bug][Report-Manager] No information about active sorting in report manager
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager - Conditions are deleted when using one condition block
[Bug][Report-Manager] Different export of a report if a dynamic attribute was added in the report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Logbook is missing colors
[Bug][LDAP] If the ldap-sync can not find a User in the search path a php fatal error occurs with php8.0
[Bug][LDAP] The LDAP Sync does not log in the loogbok when a Person is recycled
[Bug][LDAP] Each ldap-sync generates an object was archived message in the logbook
[Bug][LDAP] The ldap-sync resulted in an error
[Bug][LDAP] 500 Error with SSO login
[Bug][Installation] The variable passwords_encryption_method is set to after installation
[Bug][CSV Import] Import of CMDB status via CSV import over console creates new CMDB status instead of using the correct one
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import Profile with console.php does not handle multi value category setting
[Bug][CSV Import] Import of vertically assigned objects into a rack via CSV import not possible
[Bug][CSV Import] DateTime fields are not importable via CSV
[Bug][CSV Import] Imported CMDB Status via CSV are not displayed in the CMDB Settings > CMDB status
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV Import does not use automatic inventory number
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import cache is not flushed before import via console.php
[Bug][CSV Import] If the --csvSeparator option is not used for the import-csv command "CSV-File empty" is displayed
[Bug][QR-Codes] QR-Code not loading when using a load balancer
[Bug][QR-Codes] Layout of QR-Codes in report view is irregular
[Bug][Categories] Using quickpurge for application>installations causes error
[Bug][Categories] Error when archiving service assignment
[Bug][Categories] Can't hide objectid
[Bug][Categories] SQL Error when deleting assigned objects in organizations
[Bug][Categories] SQL Error when archiving assigned user
[Bug][Categories] IP addresses are sometimes cut in ip lists
[Bug][H-Inventory] hinventory import error due to missing entries in constants cache
[Bug][Validation] CSV Import validation for automatic inventory number
[Bug][Validation] CSV-Import ignores validation rule "a regular expression"
[Bug][Validation] Chosen fields do not get highlighted when validation fails
[Bug][Validation] Show validation error to user if custom dialog+ field is required
[Bug][Validation] It is not possible to Validate the category Assigned Workplaces
[Bug][Documents] Assigned objects not displayed in documents
[Bug][Documents] Error when using console.php documents export outisde of i-doit folder
[Bug][Admincenter] No message if a Add-on with requirement 1.19 is installed in a pre 1.19 Version
[Bug][Admincenter] Assigned Object licenses are not counted in the Admin Center
[Bug][Admincenter] Admin-Center Password reset throws exception when license missing for more than 30days
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] CMDB-Explorer can't export graph
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] The relationships are displayed upside down in a GraphML export of the CMDB Explorer
[Bug][Templates] Automatic inventory number not working for template
[Bug][Notifications] Notifications for license expiration do not work correctly
[Bug][Application Redesign] IP-List cut off when assigning an object
[Bug][CMDB] Can not hide some attributes in attribute visibility
[Bug][System tools] Endless loading when checking mod_rewrite in system overview
[Bug][System settings] If the System setting Placeholder in lists is below the needed chars the ID of the object is displayed
[Bug][Update] Authorization for Update via console.php not possible
[Bug][Update] Error message when editing Object Type Configuration
[Bug][Mass editing] If a license > license key are assigned via the mass change the license key is duplicated
[Bug][Authorization system] Right Categories in objects with assigned role in contact assignment are not awarded
[Bug][Custom categories] Displaying 2 variable reports in overview does not work
[Bug][Import] Werden Objekte mit Checkmk 2 Add-on Daten via XML Exportiert und in einem Mandanten ohne das Add-on Importiert bricht der Import ab
[Bug][Monitoring] Monitoring cannot be deactivated with the Active attribute
[Bug][API] The Parent entry of a dialog+ field can not identified by title
[Bug][API] Category Cabling Connectors > Assigned connector is a Array