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Changelog 24#

[Task][Code (Internal)] Unify uploaded file-paths for windows and other operating systems
[Task][Relations] Improve field size in "Administration > User settings > Presentation"
[Task][LDAP] Trim LDAP configuration inputs to prevent errors
[Task][JDisc] Implement new JDisc profile option to use hostname as object title (instead of FQDN)
[Improvement][JDisc] JDISC Profile Ex and Import
[Improvement][Code (Internal)] Support MariaDB 10.6.X
[Bug][List editing] Improved layout for list edit to view more entries at the same time on the screen
[Bug][List editing] Sorting Cabling > Connectors in Listedit
[Bug][List editing] Position in rack is not editable by the list edit
[Bug][List editing] List Edit should add entries and values when values for all is added
[Bug][List editing] Positioning objects in a rack via multiedit shows different results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Attributes "target schema" and "software runs on" is not displayable in report context
[Bug][Report-Manager] subcnd for Service assignment category attribute Service is missing
[Bug][Report-Manager] Operators missing for operating system>version number in report conditions
[Bug][Report-Manager] Enter button causes unpredictable events
[Bug][Categories] Adding a model in category model not possible
[Bug][Categories] Free IPv6 addresses are not shown correctly
[Bug][Categories] Filter in object lists is not fully shown and cut off
[Bug][Categories] Custom category on overview page causes the last category to disappear from the overview page
[Bug][Categories] Category lists - Make all attributes selectable (part 2)
[Bug][Categories] Reminder warranty not displayed when almost running out
[Bug][Categories] Duplicate of workplace has identical workplace components
[Bug][Categories] Assigned clusters displays empty site
[Bug][Categories] Placeholder %OBJTITLE% is not working in category accounting > Inventory number
[Bug][Categories] Placeholder insert wrong data when used in template as title
[Bug][Categories] Attribute visibility not working for General > Description in overview
[Bug][Categories] Attribute visibility not working for Masterdata > Description
[Bug][Categories] No selection possible for no selection in the category Monitor (Pivot and Speaker)
[Bug][Categories] Image order cannot be saved
[Bug][Categories] Object counter %COUNTER% not counting per object type
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Data leak when using SQL Injection to manipulate cmdb.status (contributed by Roberto Dagostino)
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Images in a description fields which were inserted via URL or copy&paste are not displayed
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Archive and delete buttons is missing in Relations category
[Bug][Code (Internal)] In a XAMPP installation images are not previewed and inserted in documents
[Bug][Code (Internal)] XML Import language constant LC__MODULE__IMPORT__IMPORTED_AT is displayed
[Bug][Code (Internal)] First location in locations tree is clickable
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Better object browser performance
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Sanitize input data deletes wysiwyg editor tags
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Description field is limited to 65,535 characters
[Bug][Notifications] Interval does not work for notifications
[Bug][Notifications] E-Mail Template with any property from cagegory (License keys) will result in an empty E-Mail
[Bug][Notifications] Notification about stored objects is not possible when the CMDB Status is altered
[Bug][Import] Error when duplicating a object with Color / wave lenghts selected in a Cabling -> Connectors entry
[Bug][JDisc] Some JDisc changes are declared as source internal
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc Import - "Only create newly scanned devices" creates duplicates
[Bug][Lists] Filtering virtual host > yes/no does not work in object lists
[Bug][Lists] Sorting of IPv6 addresses
[Bug][Lists] Filter custom fields with date without time in object lists not possible
[Bug][Lists] Person not displayed in preview when filtering
[Bug][Lists] Fields that allow only numbers from custom categories are not sorted properly
[Bug][Lists] Description field in software assignment not displayed in list view
[Bug][API] Error message when system api user is archived/deleted
[Bug][API] Creating a location entry via API sets latitude and longitude to 0
[Bug][API] 'type' option for cmdb.objects filter does not work with id
[Bug][API] "Categories and attributes" contains empty categories like Document and Floorplan
[Bug][Dashboard] Reports in dashboard cause error when empty
[Bug][Dashboard] Dashboard "jumps" to the report widget
[Bug][CMDB settings] Default translation is overwritten
[Bug][CMDB settings] Translation is empty when deleting a translation
[Bug][CMDB settings] Custom translation - Changes only visible after reloading the site
[Bug][Custom categories] Wrong sorting for dialog+ field in custom categories
[Bug][Custom categories] Custom category not editable when adding report as a field
[Bug][Application Redesign] Long titles are cut off
[Bug][Authorization system] Date of change is updated without rights via overview
[Bug][Templates] Counter %OBJID% not working for templates
[Bug][Templates] Automatic inventory number does not work if objects are created via template.
[Bug][LDAP] An empty ldap password does not give an error message when tested
[Bug][LDAP] The ldap-sync import objects with no title
[Bug][LDAP] Ldap-sync creates a log for every archived user for every sync
[Bug][Relations] Grouping object type as dropdown does not work correctly
[Bug][Logbook] SQL Error in logbook when displaying archived view
[Bug][Migration of all report views in other functions] 500 Error when downloading report view as csv
[Bug][CSV Import] Description of assigned workstation not imported via CSV
[Bug][Search] Tenant setting for search is not working