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Changelog 32#

[Bug][Logbook] The logbook uses data from other objects for the Changed Of data when edited via overview page
[Bug][Categories] Creating a new connection at category Network listener does not create a new connection
[Bug][Categories] Allow user to update linked service in installation category
[Bug][Categories] Category list for Direct Attached Storage > Device is missing attributes
[Bug][Categories] Eye not working correct
[Bug][Categories] Identically named switch port groups are assigned
[Bug][Categories] Object lists > SIM card has wrong Assigned mobile phone attribute selected
[Bug][Categories] Wrong name for categories
[Bug][Documents] HTTP 500 error when creating a document or a revision
[Bug][CSV Import] Assigning location to object via csv import only uses first entry of csv
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import using comma-separated or row causes only values from first entry to be used
[Bug][CSV Import] Inform the user about the required object title for csv imports
[Bug][CSV Import] CSV import causes error when importing/updating database schema
[Bug][CMDB] Counter skips a number when duplicating objects
[Bug][CMDB] File browser data is not saved properly in custom categories
[Bug][CMDB] Duplicate single-value entry when creating a Person group
[Bug][CMDB] Altering data in Network > Port entry which has a Interface assigned are not saved
[Bug][CMDB] End of Period in Category Contract > Contract is not calculated
[Bug][CMDB] "Host in cluster" and "Running on host" in "Virtual servers" category is switched
[Bug][CMDB] Remove filter field role from category contact assignment
[Bug][CMDB] Links in search for description fields are added with <p\>
[Bug][CMDB] Object browser displays german text while using english
[Bug][JDisc] Do not display an error message if an incorrectly configured jdisc server exists
[Bug][JDisc] JDisc updates archived objects
[Bug][JDisc] Remove duplicated "JDisc Profile" field in JDisc Profile Details Page
[Bug][JDisc] TypeError when switching JDisc Server in JDisc profile
[Bug][Code (Internal)] No complete display of fields when the wiki link is activated
[Bug][Code (Internal)] CKEditor loads update on WYSIWYG editor
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Remove multiple entries in single-value categories deletes wrong entries
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Custom category is incorrectly marked as empty or filled
[Bug][Code (Internal)] Table in description field is not deleted when marked (Firefox)
[Bug][Code (Internal)] System setting > Welcome message for login displays language constant as placeholder
[Bug][Connector cabling] Editing or importing "assigned connector" causes HTTP 500 error
[Bug][Update] Update via console.php from <29 to v30
[Bug][Update] Execute missing migration from pre v30
[Bug][Export] Exporting a object list via csv has no results
[Bug][Security] Fix security issue regarding possible SQL-Injection
[Bug][Security] Fix security issue regarding possible XSS
[Bug][Security] Fix broken menu tree (possible XSS)
[Bug][List editing] List editing Ports does not select Default VLAN
[Bug][Console] admin-center-password-reset triggers an exception if the license is missing for more than 30 days
[Bug][Validation] Validation does check automatic inventory number when creating objects
[Bug][Permission system] Person without the permission has purge and duplicate button displayed in the report manager and can delete self created reports
[Bug][Notifications] SQL error when using reports with custom categories for report based notifications
[Bug][Lists] Do not show db error when adding access attributes to server list view
[Bug][Lists] Cable connection in overview empty with same source/destination object
[Bug][Custom categories] Wrong field data when field has been altered to report
[Bug][Custom categories] Numbers only field saves whitespaces
[Bug][Active Directory] Renaming LDAP AD Group does not rename category person group entry
[Bug][Report-Manager] Unassigned objects with no position in rack are given slot# value at report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Amount value is not displayed for category "invoice" in report
[Bug][Report-Manager] Export Report button without function
[Bug][Report-Manager] Grouped multivalue presentation stops working for reports with a lot of results
[Bug][Report-Manager] Report manager crashes with error when using NOT LIKE %...%
[Bug][Category folders] Reordering categories with category folders feature causes specific category folders to disappear
[Bug][Search] Only the General > Tag with the highest ID is found via searching
[Bug][Search] Show archived/deleted strings in search results
[Bug][i-doit Login] The User is not able to login into every active tenant if there is another instance running on the same server
[Bug][CMDB settings] Category title for Operating Systems is not equal when added to Hide attributes
[Bug][CMDB settings] Category title for Operating System is not equal when added to Hide attributes
[Bug][CMDB settings] Object type configuration is not accessible when a thumbs.db file is in images folder
[Bug][CMDB-Explorer] GraphML export should not be black