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Release Notes 1.8#

System Requirements#

i-doit 1.8 has no changes in its system requirements.


User-defined list views will be migrated when upgrading.

Standard Lists#

Starting with i-doit 1.8 all standard, non customized object lists are redefined with new columns. These columns fit better into the object type context. If you want to use the old columns, please customize yourself an object list matching the old style.

Object matching#

Starting from i-doit 1.8 imports functions now match existing objects against imported objects with a new function. The feature comes with default settings that comply with the existing behaviour.

Please check the settings before the next import at Administration → Interfaces → Import → Object-Matching Profiles.


The api is not longer part of our official package and is separately released as a module.

Floorplan Extension#

The Floorplan extension has to be updated in order to work with i-doit version 1.8. Please download the floorplan extension separately.