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Release Notes 24#

We're happy to announce i-doit pro 24. As always, we will provide you with bugfixes together with helpful features for a better software experience. We encourage you to update to this release as soon as possible to benefit from all these contents.

Highlights in this release#

  • MariaDB 10.6 is officially supported with i-doit 24.
  • JDisc profiles can now be exported and imported to transfer them with ease between different installations/tenants of i-doit.
  • The Setting for more compact menu trees has a new option for medium spacing.
  • Information about assemblance can now be edited via the list edit feature.
  • The list edit has been improved to show more entries per page and fix scroll bars permanently to the screen size.

Please check the changelog for further details.


Together with i-doit pro 24, we also provide a new version of the add-on Forms with some bugfixes to improve the user experience. To use the latest version of the add-on, please make sure to update to i-doit pro 23, which is required.