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Table of Contents


Above the object list is the action bar with which you can carry out various actions.

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Create an Object


  • New or New object create a new object which you can edit via forms.
  • New object from template changes to the dialog which creates one or more objects from a template.
  • Create new template is similar to the first item, but the state Template is preselected so that the object becomes a template after saving.

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Edit an Object

When you want to edit an object, select the object to be edited with the corresponding checkbox and click the Edit button. When you select more than one object, the list editing function is started.

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Duplicate an Object


A pop-up window showing the list with an optimized view for printing opens by activating the Print Preview button. The list is supplemented with attributes which are displayed on the summary page of the corresponding object.

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titlePrint preview of the web browser

The applied web browser can also generate a print preview. Here the superfluous elements of the Web GUI are not displayed:

  • Firefox: File → Print preview
  • Chrome: Menu → Print… or STRG+P


If you want to display only objects with a certain state, you can select the corresponding state with the drop-down menu on the right side of the action bar. You can see how many objects are in the respective state by the indications enclosed in parenthesis. As standard, the selected state is set to Normal. A change to another state is saved and therefore affects all other object lists..

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