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The configuration is accessed via Administration → CMDB settings → Events → Hooks.



title404 Page not Found

When you try to access the event configuration and receive an error message, stating that the page could not be found, this is in all likelihood due to a faulty configuration of the web server. The Apache module rewrite has to be activated and the processing of the .htaccess file in the installation folder of i-doit needs to be permitted (AllowOverride All).


The command is carried out immediately once the configured event occurs. A shell script is executed for this purpose. This requires the rights to be executed by the user or group with whose rights the web server is running. On a Debian-based operating system this is the user www-data with the group of the same name. Because of this, the script under GNU/Linux requires the right bit for executing (x). The programming language is arbitrary but it should be supported by the operating system (Bash, PHP, Python, Perl etc.).



Information about the event is referred to the shell script. The information is encoded as JSON with BASE64. The following is an example of a JSON string when saving a category entry (the BASE64 decoding already took place):



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