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The PHP extension  SOAP  has to be installed on the i-doit host so that the connection to JDisc Discovery works. With a Debian-based operating system you already have this extension by having installed PHP. It is very likely that there are suitable distribution packets for other operating systems.


Select categories

Which categories do you want to fill during import? Only supported categories are listed.

Import network interfaces as

You can map inventoried network interfaces in different categories.

Include software

Do you want to import inventoried software as object type Applications?

Do you want to import inventoried licences as object type Licences?
Do you want to import inventoried Services as object type System Services?
Do you want to import inventoried Cloud data?
Import connection endpointsThe connections are not imported into the cabling, but into the category "Connection endpoints". This allows to distinguish between manual cabling and automatic cabling by JDisc.
Should the new or the old database logic be used?

Include layer 3 nets

Do you want to import inventoried IP nets as object type Layer 3 nets?

Should IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, loopback addresses, virtual addresses be imported?
Should addresses assigned via DHCP be overwritten?

Include VLans

Do you want to import inventoried VLans as object type Layer 2 nets?

Include clusters

Do you want to import (virtualization) environments as object type Cluster?

Include Blade/Chassis connections during import

Do you want to include objects of the type Blade Server to objects of the type Blade Chassis during import?

Object type of the assigned modules within a blade/chassis unit

When a blade chassis or switch chassis was inventoried, you can allocate the modules to a certain object type during import.

Update the object type of the assigned modulesShould the object types of the assigned modules of a blade/chassis device be updated?
Import custom attributes

When you maintain customized attributes  (Custom Attributes) in JDisc Discovery, you can import these in i-doit. After import, they are displayed in the JDisc Custom Attributes category.

Consider default templates from object types (only for newly created objects)

When a new object is created, it is possible to consider templates automatically. The template selection is carried out in the object type configuration.

Change CMDB-status of objects to

Already existing objects can receive a certain CMDB status during updating. If you don't want to change the CMDB-Status, select the option Keep CMDB-Status.

Software filter

You can either enter a white list or a black list of software applications which you want to import (Whitelist) or don't want to import (Blacklist). You can enter wildcards (*)  in this field. The list of titles is separated by commas.

Should the object types of the assigned modules of a blade/chassis device be updated?
For software import, use the software family as object title instead of the software version. E.g. instead of "Windows Server 2008 Standard" only "Windows" with "Server 2008 Standard" as variant.
Object matching profile

Which strategy do you want to use to update objects which are already documented in i-doit with an import?

Update objecttype

When the device already exists as an object in i-doit, you can determine whether the object type is to be updated with help of the assignment (see above) or not.

Should the object title be updated by the import?